A quick solution for when you are feeling stuck and not sure which action to take next...

published6 months ago
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I've been speaking to quite a few business owners lately who have been feeling stuck.

They've got choices to make but aren't sure which way to go. There is so much uncertainty around on different fronts at the moment.

It leads to people feeling paralyzed and unsure of what action to take.

Which can turn to overwhelm and inaction.

If they are not careful it becomes a self-perpetuating circle.

The less action they take, the more indecisive they feel, the less action they take, the more indecisive they feel...

And on it goes.

Today in Business Success Made Simple I'm guiding clients through a simple yet powerful framework to decide on a course of action when you have multiple options. This is perfect for when you have a strategy and aren't sure of which "tactics" to use to implement your strategy.

However, sometimes you need help deciding on your strategy and which direction to take.

That's where the 10-10-10 Rule developed by Suzy Welch comes in handy. She has written a book about it.

If you want a summary of the 10-10-10 Rule and how to use it, check out this popular post on my blog.

It's a short read that shows you exactly how to use it.

Let me know if you find it useful,