The path to giving up your job and going full time...

published8 months ago
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This week I'm celebrating one of my coaching clients taking the decision to go full time professional photographer.

He's been thinking about it for several months now. He asked me to review his numbers this week to make sure there were no red flags.

We've designed his business model so that it gives him predictable income - he doesn't use the traditional payment structure for wedding photography of a booking fee and then the balance just before the wedding.

We've structured it so that he gets a predictable and consistent income and at anyone time he knows the minimum client revenue he is going to get for the next 6 months.

That gives him stability and predictability.

His clients love it too.

He's going to take redundancy from his job. It's not much but it will give him a 3 month cushion for living expenses, which he's going to build to 6 months, along with reserves in his business.

I am so happy and excited for him.

He has worked hard. He's developed his marketing and business skills alongside his photography skills and now he has built momentum and is getting the well deserved results.

And all this during the pandemic - he even booked another two weddings during the evening after our call.

So if you are struggling in your photography business right now, for whatever reason, know that there is hope.

It doesn't have to be that way. You can turn it around.

The vast majority of time, as long as you have "good enough" photography skills, you just need to develop your marketing and business skills.

A part of that is to stop chasing shiny objects and the latest "must do" tactics that the rockstars are touting, and focus on a sound strategy designed around YOU, your Business, and your objectives.

I know 1-2-1 coaching isn't for everyone.

And for many people doing courses on their own isn't the answer as implementation can be a sticking point.

So I've created Business Success Made Simple.

It's a very affordable program where each week I give you an action step to grow and develop your business and we do the work together on our weekly calls.

Plus you get an evergrowing library of proven frameworks, tools, resources and tips to create a profitable and successful business along with my most popular course (over 3,000 enrolments) which has been described as being "the best on branding and marketing" compared to those from Sue Bryce, Lori Nordstrum, Joel Grimes and many more.

You can join us and find out the details here:

Will you be joining us on the path to success?