Why do people buy from you?

published9 months ago
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When you know why people buy from you, business becomes a lot easier!

It's often not the reason we think it is.

Especially if you move beyond the surface level reasons, and dig down to the more emotional deeper reasons.

I'm just off a call with a photographer client who's about to go full time. He's had a few false starts with his business, but he's in a great place now (even with all that's happened this year). I am so excited for him, he has worked hard for this.

One of the key reasons for his success - knowing why people buy from him. Doing the work to find out what that reason is and then using that in his marketing.

It has been said that ultimately people buy for four reasons - money, time, sex and the problems you solve for them (or how you make them feel).

Now that may or may not be strictly true, but the principle is spot on.

Many businesses try to sell using the surface level reasons.

It sort of works, you get some sales, but not as many as you could if you dig deeper to find what resonates with your target market.

So how do you find out those deeper, intrinsic reasons that your clients buy for?

By asking why.

Let me give you an example...

Using Lightroom, the popular photo processing software from Adobe, and an imaginary conversation.

Why did you buy Lightroom?

So that I can organise and post process my images.

Why is that important to you?

So that I can find my images and so that I can make them look good and prepare them for printing.

Why is that important to you?

Keeping them organised makes my life easier, it means that I can find client images when I need them. And making them look good, giving them my style helps me stand out from other photographers and attracts clients who like my style.

Why is that important to you?

Being able to find the images more easily saves me time and post processing helps me prepare the images for printing/products and giving them my style so that I can attract clients who like it helps me make money.

Not everybody will buy the same product for the same reasons. That's why it's important to understand your ideal clients and build your marketing around them rather than being general.

The more you can understand why people buy from you in particular, the easier it is to market to them.

For example, someone who's dog is getting old is going to buy photography for very different reasons to someone who has a young puppy.

A professional photographer is going to buy Lightroom for similar surface reasons and very different intrinsic reasons than someone for whom photography is a hobby.

The more specific your marketing is to your "client avatar" the easier it is going to be to sell your marketing.

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