Why your business 📊 isn't where you want it to be...

published11 months ago
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We all have lots of reasons about why we haven’t achieved our goals, or why our business is not as successful and profitable as we want it to be.

Or why your business is profitable but you no longer enjoy it.

Because it’s become a constant treadmill of work, work, work, at the cost of living a good life.

At the expense of time with your family and loved ones, your health and well-being.

And you know that can only continue for so long before something gives.

It’s easy to think that it’s because you need to learn something new

- better marketing,

or how to “crush it on Instagram”

or you need to do yet another course to become better at what you do,

or you need another qualification,

or you need more staff.

These are rarely the cause of the problem, they are symptoms.

The real cause - you aren’t consistently making progress.

We can break that down into two parts.

Being consistent - day in day out...

Week in week out...

Month in month out...

Year in year out...

Making progress - not the giant leaps for mankind kind of progress but small consistent incremental steps kind of progress.

Aggregating and compounding tiny little gains...

Improving 1% at a time, each day - over an extended period of time.

If you would just be consistent with the knowledge and skills that you already have, practice and developing them a little each day.

Marketing your business a little each day, you will be amazed at the progress you make, the advances and gains that you will make and how they will compound with time.

This isn’t a new idea, these time tested principles have been in use for 1000’s of years:

“Make progress, and, before all else, try hard to be consistent with yourself.” Seneca, Roman Stoic Philosopher

What one step forward are you going to take today?


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